Friday, November 26, 2010

Odds and Ends

Had a chance to get a few more odds and ends. Found a great guy just a few miles away that takes wrecked RV's and parts them out. He had a new 5th wheel that was being taken to California but it was blown over just outside of Park City Utah.

I was able to get the range, microwave and water pump for $200. All are brand new.

The Microwave still has the glass platter packed in the shipping styrofoam.

The pump is tough to judge. I found used pumps for $200 so I am confident this is not the highest quality pump but I will mount the pump and water tank near the back of the bus and it will be an easy upgrade down the road.


  1. Hey Martin, you should start keeping both a weekly and total tally of everything you've spent on this project. Add it to the bottom of each blog posting. It will help keep things in perspective...

  2. Great idea, once I get the price for the bus sorted out I will start.