Monday, January 31, 2011

Butt Crack and Therapy

For the past 40 plus years I have done my very best to keep the white fleshy part of my back side covered and not out for display like the underwear from some prepubescent skater dude. As time has marched on my efforts to keep the east west divide that is located south of my Mason-Dixon Line covered has become more then my Levis can handle.

So I have been dealing with snide comments from my kids about my alternate life as a plumber, moon coming out in the middle of the day, good place to put a screw driver… etc. And then I got a neighbor that likes to honk when she drives by and my fair skin back side is reaching for light from the dark recess of the dungarees, yea you know who you are.

What then does a middle aged guy do that just wants to get some work done and occasionally reach down below the knee? Well I got a neighbor that works for the railroad and he swears by his Carhartt overalls, so I gave them a try. No I am not talking about the seersucker overalls railroad Bob wears with the red bandana these are nice blue overalls that fit over your boots, great pockets up front and the fly has got to be 9 inches long, they can’t be beat.

Now my kids are telling me that I am causing them irreparable damage by wearing these magical crack hiding wonders in public. They tell me they are going to need therapy to deal with the damage I am causing. My thoughts are if I am building a bus into a motor home and they are living with a big yellow bus parked next to the house my choice of pants will not send them straight to the bell tower their sophomore year of college.

Besides that I rock these overalls.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let there be light

This weekend I finished up installing the recessed lights.

I put a total of 14 recessed lights through the bus.

This year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas there was a company that sold a tool called the Bad Dog Biter. This attaches to a drill and cuts metal like it was nothing. This tool was great to cut 14 of these small holes and then run the wiring.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Juice Box

Today I worked on getting the electical panel installed in a corner cabinet. This is one of the key parts that need to be done so I can lay out the rest of the electrical.

You can see in the picture I have ran the 50 amp cord up to the box and ran then other end out to the left rear of the bus. My plan is to use a 50 amp extenstion cord and hook to shore power.

This is also where I will put the inverter and converter.

Last week I also scored a new seat for $43 off the local classified ads. The seat is in good shape and I was able to connect it to the base of the original seat. The steel is a little weak and bent so I will need to beef it up a bit but it is quite an improvement from what I had. After riding in the stock seat it felt like someone took a 2X4 to my backside for a couple days.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Floor

This week I got the floor installed in the bus and boy what a difference it makes.
I was thinking of installing the floor on my own but have never laid vinyl flooring before and when Randy came out and installed the floor I realized I would have done it all wrong.
This was the best $150 I have spent in a long time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Floor, Fridge and BOOM!

Today I soldiered on through the blustering 23 degrees getting the floor preped to lay the vinyl flooring this week.

Last week I built the frame for the fridge and the furnace. Building this was a challenge because the roof curves and with limited space I want to put the fridge up on top of the furnace.

I have had an idea on what I want to do as far as a stereo/video in the bus and last Saturday I was able to finally put my plan in motion. I found a young couple that was preparing to marry and the bride to be was more then happy to sacrifice her future husband's stereo in lieu of an engagement ring.
So for $300 I got a Jensen stereo/DVD player with a 7" retractable screen, a 600 watt Alpine amplifier and two sub-woofers in a lighted enclosed box built by Duel. We tested the stereo out in the garage and I was a little startled how loud it was, Hayden was very excited, Jen was not. The stereo has an output for a monitor so I can run a DVD and play it on another flat screen. Another great option that I really wanted was the ability to run a rear view camera to help backing up the behemoth and this stereo fits the bill.