Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lipstick on a pig

It has been awhile since my last post but I have been busy camping. I have been working on a few things. When I painted the front of the bus I thought it would look good with an orange pinstripe. Later I thought it would look good pinstriping around the red stripes. Like putting lipstick on a pig. 

 Well 240 feet of pinstripe later I realized it was a bit more then I was expecting. But the bigger story by far is how much we have enjoyed camping.

We have been able to go on three camping trips this year. The first was to Pineview Reservoir. The last two were Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.
Lava was wonderful and I was able to work on our "speed issues". What I have learned was that the bus was set up to keep the maximum rpm's to 1,800. So the top speed was right around 53 -55 mph so there was some changes were needed. Working with Scott Geoff from Geoff Injection I was able to move the pivot point on the accelerator so the throttle now has full range and increased the RPM to 2,300.  Then Scott showed me how to move the throttle plate forward increasing the fuel.
For our latest trip we traveled north to Liberty Utah for a couple of days of camping. The drive up to Liberty was much better with a speeds topping a very acceptable 65 mph. The camp was a great experience and we found a couple things that we want to change and more things that we just loved about camping in the bus. We are now getting ready for next weeks three day camp to Smith and Morehouse. Smith and Morehouse Campground is located just 12 miles south of Oakley, Utah, adjacent to Smith and Morehouse Creek and Reservoir at an elevation of 7,800 feet.