Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

Working on putting the kitchen together. There are a number of ways I could go about creating a kitchen. There are companies that sell specialized cabinets just for RV's, the only problem is that they are very expensive.

My goal is to make the bus very nice but keep costs down. So I am utilizing as much second hand building materials and parts as I can find. I keep an eye out for key components and this week I was able to get a complete set of cherry wood cabinets from a remodel job for $150.

There are some parts that I will not be able to use but I really like the quality and color.


  1. Man, it looks like you are jumping into this project with both feet Martin. Looks like a lot of fun. Plus, from what I see from your previous post, you're going to get some landscaping done as well...

  2. Sweetness.

    Kevin says I have a Pavlovian response when I see "post a comment" so you should just as well expect a "few" comments from me now and then.

  3. What a great deal!! Wish I lived closer so I could see the updates in person. :)

  4. Hey Martin - With the snow coming, what are you going to do when working on the bus. You can't fit it into a garage. You have a space heater?

  5. I will start a fire with the pure testosterone that it takes to own a machine like this.... and I have a space heater and a long extension cord.