Sunday, November 21, 2010

How far until a deal is no longer a deal?

What is the distance you are willing to travel for a deal? Does it depend on the price, the savings, how bad you need the item or items.... What are the factors that help you decide the time you will spend behind the wheel?

Trying to find the parts I need to cobble this project together is not that easy. My criteria is both quality and price so I have to expand my area to search. For the past month I have been searching for a dinette and couch and found a matching set out of a newer 5th wheel. The only problem was that it is in Brighton Colorado. By the old Google Maps that is just a tic over 525 miles and by no means as the crow fly. I would have to traverse Wyoming via I-80.

What was the factor that pushed me over the edge to travel to Denver? The willingness of my sweet spouse to travel with me so we had the chance to get away for the weekend. What a great chance to spend some time together with no kids, read a book, eat out and stay in the beautiful wilds of Cheyenne Wyoming. Oh yeah, we were thinking about Aruba but we chose the Cheyenne LaQuinta. Just living the dream.

So Saturday we headed out to meet Aly and Brandon in Brighton to get their dinette and couch/hide-a-bed. For $200 we got both and tried to beat the first big storm of the year. On Saturday Utah was getting pounded by a snow storm and we were covering the beautiful wilderness of southern Wyoming (read sarcasm). I-80 through Wyoming is an awful, awful way to spend a day. Good thing I had someone reading a book to me to help pass the time.

So in conclusion I was able to pick you these great items and pay roughly two and a half times the cost of them in gas and lodging. Crazy? Nay I say adventurous and willing to go to great distances for a deal. So to answer my original question how far until a deal is no longer a deal? Just over 500 miles one way, if Jennefer will go with me.

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