Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cleaning House

Due to promptings, I have committed to be more diligent in posting updates.
So here are some pictures and short explanations.

We got the interior of the bus cleared out Saturday before last. It took about two hours to have everything out of the bus and loaded on the trailer and ready to go off to the recycle yard.

Because the bus was from Arizona there is no rust and every bolt came out with ease. Not one bolt had to be cut off.

The bottom cushons did need a little persuasion to leave the bus, but I did prevail.

Here is a picture of the rear heater that runs off the engine coolant. I was going to use this but I read about them leaking all over your new interior so it has to go to the recycler with the seats.

Under the aluminum covers just in front of the heater are two 1" rubber hoses that run all the way to the front of the bus. All of this will come out this next week.

Here is a picture of the bowl Jonah used to gather up all the bolts that held the seats in place.

Yes that is just over 6 lbs of grade 8 bolts holding the seats down. I wouldn't even fathom a guess in what 6 lbs of grade 8 bolts would cost, guess I will be holding on to them. I am sure I will find a use.

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  1. Wow, with the seats out, there is a lot of room to fill up. You'll have this all done by Christmas?