Saturday, January 8, 2011

Floor, Fridge and BOOM!

Today I soldiered on through the blustering 23 degrees getting the floor preped to lay the vinyl flooring this week.

Last week I built the frame for the fridge and the furnace. Building this was a challenge because the roof curves and with limited space I want to put the fridge up on top of the furnace.

I have had an idea on what I want to do as far as a stereo/video in the bus and last Saturday I was able to finally put my plan in motion. I found a young couple that was preparing to marry and the bride to be was more then happy to sacrifice her future husband's stereo in lieu of an engagement ring.
So for $300 I got a Jensen stereo/DVD player with a 7" retractable screen, a 600 watt Alpine amplifier and two sub-woofers in a lighted enclosed box built by Duel. We tested the stereo out in the garage and I was a little startled how loud it was, Hayden was very excited, Jen was not. The stereo has an output for a monitor so I can run a DVD and play it on another flat screen. Another great option that I really wanted was the ability to run a rear view camera to help backing up the behemoth and this stereo fits the bill.

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