Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Final Parts

This weekend I had to finish getting two big pieces, the fridge and propane heater.

Let me give you the breakdown on how Saturday went down.

Me in a bus, all day. I drove to Springville to look at a propane tank, that didn't work for me, and get the furnace for $150. Springville is an hour and a half drive south from my house. I was able to look through three very wrecked $300,000 plus motorhomes.

Then I was able to drive north to Ogden which is 40 minutes north of my house. So I was able to put some quality time behind the wheel of the big empty bus. In Ogden I found the interior panel for the AC and a nice fridge for $350.

I decided to use vinyl flooring in the front of the bus and carpet in the back.
Well vinyl flooring can be really expensive I found out. Two places quoted me $350 and the other $569. Well guess what I did? I found a designer that did the flooring for a larger builder who was clearing out some overstock. So I got 26 sq yards of vinyl for $62.

Couple weeks ago I bought 8 lights, an outdoor shower and two windows shipped to my house for $80.

Then I changed my mind. I decided not to use RV windows.

So I sold the two windows for $80. Guess I am just lucky that way.

Last week we went to Habitat for Humanity and scored a new sink for $25.

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  1. I told Cliff the other day, if I had to pick someone to convert a bus and do it at a great cost it would be you!! I love reading about your efforts (though, I forget to look sometimes! lol.) You guys are going to have a wonderful time with this...making terrific memories. We loved our time on the road with our family. Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us. :)