Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Progress

I firmly believe that I got much more done on the bus when it was 20 degrees outside. Now that spring is here that means warmer temperatures and the beginning of kids organized sports, and I use the term organized very loosely. For the past month my Saturdays have been consumed by watching pre-pubescents chase balls of differing sizes is an air of semi-organized chaos. Great for them to get the energy out and run around, but it seriously hampers production on the bus.
All that being said I have been able to steal a few hours here and there to work on the bus so I have made some headway. That coupled with some serious negotiations with the wife I have been given “sports amnesty” for the past two Saturdays. But it was at a considerable cost which will be extracted from me over a drawn out time frame, but still worth it.
I have begun to work on the interior walls and finish up some final wiring and secure the furniture.
I have set up two plugs behind the fridge one is shore power 110v and the lower will run to my 2000 watt inverter. I made the decision a couple months ago to sell the propane/elec fridge and move to a dedicated 110v fridge. Running the two Trojan 6 volt batteries coupled with the new efficiency of the smaller fridge I am hoping for the best.
The passenger side wall was more complicated with all the wiring that runs down that side I had to compensate for the wall thickness, but it turned out pretty good.

The last great step forward was installing the stereo and getting the rear view camera hooked up and working.
The stereo will play DVD's, Ipod, CD's and radio. After manuvering the behemoth a few times I knew I wanted a better view out of the rear while backing up. The voyager color camera works great.

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  1. This is really looking great!! I'm so excited for you guys I can hardly stand it!! lol When you are all finished, bring it on by. :)